Friday, March 22, 2013

Condominium / HOA Managers are Busy People!

What does it take to manage an HOA or condo, ALOT! Whether your community is self managed or you use a property management company, know that the person assigned to be the manager has many things on thier plate. The article below touches on a few points that are worth pointing out.

HOA Manager: Why it's really 5 Jobs in 1 - Austin HOA and Condo ...
HOA Manager HOA Manager: Why it's really 5 Jobs in 1. Being exclusively in HOA and Condo association management, we have learned over the years that it takes a very unique set of skills to make a great association manager. An individual manager ... Without the basic accounting and financial knowledge, it makes it very difficult to plan for maintenance and other association related projects. Most importantly, they must be able to the answer the one question that ...

At the end of the day if a community wants to keep good property manager, lend them all of the support you can. Your assistance will not only be impactful to the manager, but also the welfare of the community.

Google Author: Harry Burnard

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