Tuesday, April 9, 2013

'Party Rock Anthem' Halloween House Banned by HOA - Some consideration please...

Below is an article posted by realestate.aol.com/blog; it covers the popular halloween house as seen on Youtube. While everybody loves a good show, it can result in the law of "Diminishing Returns" and can go from fun to a community nuisance very quickly. Imagine being the adjacent neighbors an having bright lights and loud music playing all night from across the street... now add 1,000+ people who came to see the show... now add their cars... and the food... and trash... and what if some those attending have enjoyed an adult beverage... You can see how this can add up quickly to a number of large problems.

Kevin Judd's 'Party Rock Anthem' Halloween House-Display Banned by HOA

The party isn't rockin' this year for the home that hosted one of the country's most beloved Halloween light shows.

Kevin Judd made his Riverside, Calif., home "sing" to the soundtrack of LMFAO's infectiously catchy "Party Rock Anthem," using specially programmed, synchronized LED-lit animations that would twinkle and flash to the beat. A YouTube video (which you can see at the bottom of this article) of the "rocking" light display went viral, driving thousands from across the country to flock to the home for the daily light show in the weeks preceding Halloween 2011.
But before the show could resurrect for a long-awaited 2012 run, the party was shut down by an angry neighborhood HOA. Read More
partyrockanthemIn truth, nobody wants to tell Mr. Judd that all of his hard work and planning are for not. Who wants to have that conversation? But perhaps there are a valid number of problems that are associated with a show of that popularity and size in a residential neighborhood. Could an arrangement could be made that would accommodate both parties? What is they limited the number of events, play the show only plays during set hours and / or traffic is controlled to avoid too many spectators at one time?
We live in a society that is growing rapidly and it is increasingly important to be mindful of those who surround you, especially if you live in a community that is governed with bylaws and codes. Disregarding those regulations in the name of a good time can in fact lead to the opposite if not done with communication and community acceptance.
As in all things, seek out professionals who deal with such matters to protect yourself and those in your area. Every community is different so take the time to ask.

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